How to Dance with the Universe?

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This manuscript is very inspirational and does an excellent job of bringing an intangible, spiritual concept into the physical world.

With excellent analogies, relating to things like sports and nature, and examples and stories from his own life, the author brings God, the universe, and the human soul firmly into our own material world. In doing so, he helps his readers to recognize the benefits of harmony, optimism, and truth.

More importantly, he effective reassures his audience that, even though it is easy to sometimes feel helpless in the face of all the obstacles and challenges the universe throws at us, we actually have far more power over it all than most of us think we do.

Embracing optimism is not naively choosing blindness over reality; it is embracing harmony with God, the universe, and our own potential. To trust in that harmony, is not truly optimism, but a decision to take control over our own future and potential.

When combined with patience and hard work, we can actually reach goals and dreams we never would have thought to be attainable.

The author makes an excellent use of analogy when he references Robinson Crusoe, explaining to readers that its message positively reflects our own lives: Dreams can come true, but before that happens we must live with the given situation.

The author, whose own story is relate-able and inspirational, also includes many helpful quotes, tips, explanations, and practical steps.

The included images effectively help to illustrate the points he is trying to make.


Publisher FriesenPress, Canada

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How to dance with Universe?
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